WordPress Speed Optimization Service
 WordPress Speed Optimization Service
 WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service  WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

So, how to fix this huge problem?

Do you like a website that takes much time to load? No, Right!!! The same goes for your website. No one likes to wait for something slow, especially when you have plenty of similar options to choose from.

That’s why it is better to optimize your website speed within time than to regret it later on. Remember, no matter how much beautiful and informative your website is, if it is slow and takes more than a minute to load, then chances are high you will have no customers coming on your site. It seems scary to even think, Right!!!

Well, no worries, as WPfxon is here to solve all your issues. We know how precious your every second is and how a slow page load can negatively affect your digital influence.

That’s why we always try to come with reasonable budget WordPress speed optimization service packages so that every company can benefit themselves with our services.

Moreover, along with increasing the load speed, all our page speed optimization services will help any site create a good first impression and thus will improve their online business’s reputation.

As a result, more customers will come to this site, thinking it is a reliable and safe website to use. For contact, you can easily connect with us at +1 (845) 579-5225  or anytime you need our expert’s help.

Get WordPress Speed Optimization Service from Us to Make Your Page Loading Super Speedy

  • We conduct 100% full website backup and deep performance scans for all packages.
  • We take 1-2 days or even less for simple projects and 3-4 days (maximum) for complex projects.
  • We offer Woocommerce speed optimization services for medium and heavy packages.
  • We do advanced and hardcore database optimizations and cleanup based on your package.
  • We can optimize your website loading time with the existing host. We generally don't suggest migration unless there is no other alternative solution and you need to move it.
  • We use the latest tool, like Google page speed insight, Gtmetrix, Pingdom, and webpage test for checking a website speed.
  • We even optimize the websites for mobile users, and you can also check the speed score using the page speed insight tool.
  • We do the image compression for resizing the image based on the user display without compromising a bit on the quality.
  • Our expert team has several years of experience in working and dealing with various kinds of complicated works.
  • We come with the most affordable website optimization service packages.
  • Our customer support is always available 24/7 to help and guide you whenever you need it.
Page Loading Super Speedy
Why Is Why Is
Why Is

Speed Optimization
Important For A Website?.

WordPress speed optimization service is a must for your website if it is running slow and needs some fixes to be done. Otherwise, if you delay, the ultimate loser will be you.

In fact, your business reputation and success rate will somehow directly depend on the speed of your website. So, if your site has a good outlook and quality information but is extremely slow, it will be of no use as no customers will wait to see what's inside if the loading takes much time.

Once that window is closed, there is no coming back, and you will lose your customer. Who knows, that person would have become your biggest client in the future?
Well, you will definitely not want anything like this to happen even in your worst nightmares, Right?
Moreover, Google checks the page load speed, and if it finds a page taking more time to show results, it automatically puts it in the lower rank. And with time, if no visitor visits or stays on that website, then eventually removes it from the search engine top queries.

As a result, if the situation continues, you can only imagine how much worse turn it can take with time. Whether it be your conversion rates, business reputation, or revenue level, chances are high. All these things will get affected only because of your slower loading time.
Therefore, take action when there is still time as it is better to be safe than sorry later. And if you can successfully make these changes, you will undoubtedly find your website flourishing from all perspectives.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Features Lite($30) Medium($60) Heavy($80)
Load Time
4-5 Sec
2-5 Sec
1-3 Sec
Score in Mobile
Score in Desktop
Site optimizations
Image Optimization
Image compression
Database optimization
CSS & JS Minification
Deep performance scan
Plugin audit & optimizations
SSL setup & insecure content fix
CDN & caching setup
Testing & QA
WooCommerce Optimization
Free web host migration
Deep security scan
Advanced security hardening
Before & after report
Turnaround Time
4 Days
3 Days
2 Days

Why Our Speed Optimization Service Is Your Smartest Choice?

Picking a skilled and reliable WordPress speed optimization service is tough, especially when you have plenty of options to choose from and your company’s success depends on it to a great extent.

WPfixon is one of the leading companies which is serving its customers successfully for quite a long time now. Till now, we have optimized more than 200+ projects and planning to work on several other projects.

Whether it be site optimization, database optimization, mobile speed optimization service, image compression, plugin audit, Woocommerce optimization, or even Testing and Quality Assurance (QA), we have the solution to all your issues.

No matter how complex the project is, our specialized team will take care of everything perfectly.

All our members are well-experienced and skilled in dealing with all types of problems. Hence, you can totally count on us and leave it in our expert’s hands to make it one of the fastest sites to use.

What’s more remarkable about our packages is all of them are budget-friendly for every company. And with each package purchase, you will get to enjoy tons of several other features, depending on the package you go for.

You can assure that you will never regret choosing as your WordPress speed optimization service provider as you promise to make your slow load time turn into lighting fast load time.

FAQ: Technical SEO Audit & Fix

We know you have a lot of questions in your mind regarding our SEO technical audit. How do we do it? Is this the right option to go for or not? How do we plan to work?

Therefore, to ease the situation for you, we have included an FAQ section for answering the most asked questions.

Have a quick look at the below answers if you too have any kind of doubts to clarify. Who knows, you may find your desired answer:

Yes, we can. In fact, most of the websites that we work on are nearly the Woocoomerce website. These websites need constant up-gradation to get regularly fast speeds, especially while checkout, adding/ removing from cart, My Account section, etc.

So, if you have any worries about your woo-commerce website and want to fix it, we have the solution to all your problems. Feel free to connect with us anytime you need.

With the inclusion of each line of code in WordPress, the page load time gets increased. As a result, with all plugins, the site speed tends to get slower. However, in some well-built or small plugins, the changes are negligible compared to bigger ones.

That's why, while installing the plugin, it is better to run a test on your WordPress site before and after to understand the changes (if they occur).

There may be tons of reasons behind your website speed getting slower. However, the most prominent causes may be any one or a combination of the below-listed causes:

  • Free hosting
  • Network issues
  • The database gets full crowded and needs a cleaning
  • Big-sized files and images
  • Low quality slow hosting service with the flawed support system
  • Your website requires a high spec hosting account with more resources, such as VPS or a hybrid physical server with a cloud-based server

No. there will not be any changes in your website appearance or functionalities as we only improve the website's load time. However, we may resize some images of your website as it may be one of the reasons behind slowing the page load speed.

We aim to deliver the project as soon as possible we can. Generally, we provide it within 1 to 2 days or even less (if possible). While, for the complex sites, we take a bit more time and try to deliver within 3 to 5 days. But in case of urgency, we can also complete the work depending on your requirement.

If a page gets load within less than 2 seconds, it automatically falls under a good page and helps grab customer and web rankings. However, the best is to keep it as fast as possible, such as less than a half-second.

On the other hand, if a page takes more than 4 seconds to load, Google automatically considers it a poor-quality page website having a bad load speed.


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If you have any more questions regarding our WordPress page speed optimization service, feel free to contact us anytime you feel the need.
You can easily reach out to us at +1 (845) 579-5225 or at to experience the best possible service you truly deserve. Our expert team is always available 24/7, both online and offline, to solve all your problems.

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