WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services
WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services
WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services WordPress Site </br>Tune-Up Services

WordPress Site
Tune-Up Services

Maintaining a website is indeed a challenging job. You have to keep a regular check on all the functionalities and overall performance to ensure that the website is running smoothly at its full pace.

After all, your website vouches for you and represents your business to the customers. And if your audience is not happy with your website, they will certainly move to a better website.

That’s why to cope with the trends and to make a strong stand in this super-competitive era; you must have a top-notch website that everyone will simply love to use. Otherwise, the more time you take to fix things, the more quickly you will lose your customers to your competitors.

To simply put, a website has the power to take a company to its peak of success or break it entirely. Therefore, the smarter call is to fix these issues and do a site tune-up as soon as possible when things are still under control.

Worry not; WPfixon is here to solve all your issues. Whether it be server status display, backup/restore, analytics reporting, or website performance, we have the perfect solution for all.

All our team members are highly qualified and skilled and know how to work and deal with all kinds of tune-up services. No matter how complicated the problem is, our specialists will make a way through it by coming with the best possible result.

For any kind of query, you can reach us at +1 (845) 579-5225 or info@wpfixon.com anytime for our help. Our experts will always be there to solve all your concerns.

WordPress Site Tune-Up Services

Get The Best Site
Tune-Up Service to Make Your Site Stand Out

Why Is
Site Tune-Up A Must for A Website?

Is there anyone who likes to use a website with security issues, and the page loading time is slower? We all know the answer, and it will certainly be a big no. In fact, what's surprising is the more time a site takes to load, the lesser time it takes for the visitor to move to another site having a better performance and fast loading speed.

It is merely human nature, and there is nothing you can do about it. In combination, all these things will negatively impact your visitor rate, which will directly affect your overall sales and revenue level. So, if you don't want anything similar like this happening to your website, then tuning your website is the best solution to go for.

Along with improving your security to boosting your website traffic, you will find a drastic change in your website after doing an Inside Out website tune-up. Through the tune-up, you will get an in-depth knowledge of all the things draining your website's overall performance. As a result, upon identity, you can start working on fixing all these issues right away. The quicker you will be in your action, the better it will be for your site.

No matter how good your content and other things of your website are, as, like our health, it needs our attention and a regular tune-up from time to time to keep things running smoothly and effectively. Therefore, if you want your website to make a strong position in this extremely competitive age, there is no alternative to tuning your website.

Why Should You Choose Us? Why Should You Choose Us?

Why Should You Choose Us?

WPfixon is one of the leading firms that has gained much popularity due to its top-notch service in the tune-up. We use the latest and advanced tools for conducting all our works.
In fact, after you sign up and gives us your website access, we get our experts engaged on it right away to begin the tune-up process.
All our team members are dedicated and passionate about their works. No matter how big or complicated the problem is, our experts have the exact solution to all the issues.

They will take care of everything to ensure that all of the features and functionalities of the website are working properly. While in the meantime, you can concentrate on developing your company globally.
We have designed all our packages with reasonable pricing. And based on your package, you will get access to several other features.
So, even if you are on a limited budget, you can show a sign of relief as all our packages are sure to please you and will quite comfortably fall under your budget.

We take pride in our work and aim to solve all the issues that we once take into our hands. Hence, we can guarantee you will never regret choosing us as your website's tune-up service provider.
We will also keep you updated on all our completed and pending works, so you can know the exact health condition of your website.

WordPress Site Tune-Up Services

Features Lite($99) Medium($199) Heavy($299)
Complete All Site Updates
Detailed Plugin Audit
Site Speed Research
Server Status Display
Site Security Audit
SEO checkup & Report
Analytics Reporting
Website Performance
Full Tune-Up Report
Turnaround Time
3 Days
4 Days
5 Days

FAQ: Site Tune-Up Service

People tend to have a lot of questions in their minds regarding the web tune-up. What do we do?

How do we intend to do it? Will this be the right option to go?

So, instead of keeping you wait for the answers, we have decided to make the answers ready for you. Thus, we have included a FAQ section to clear all your confusion. Have a look at the below answers if you have anything to clarify:

What does Website Tune-up Mean?

Website tune-up is basically doing an overall scan of how your website is doing. It is like checking the health of your site. By tuning your website, you will get an idea of the areas you need to improve.

So you can website gives its best performance out there and every customer will simply love using your site.

Can A Tune-up Affect My Ranking in The Search Engines?

Yes, it can positively affect your rankings to a great extent in the search engines like Google. In fact, with proper tuning of your website, it is possible to get even in the top position.

So, unfortunately, even if you see a drop after the tune-up, then it will indicate that the problem has happened due to some other vital problems.

What Kind of Websites Do We Perform Tune-up?

WPfixon offers tune-ups on any WordPress-based site, irrespective of their functionalities. Besides the WordPress site, we also perform tune-ups on various other kinds of websites built on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.

How Much Will These Tune-Up Services Cost?

We have made different kinds of pricing set for our packages. And each of the packages comes with extra features to meet your requirements.

However, all our packages come with a reasonable price tag that will fit comfortably into every company’s budget. Hence, if you are on a short budget, there is nothing to be worried about. Just go for the one that suits you the most with all your requirements.

How Much Will These Technical SEO Audit Services Cost Me?

We have different kinds of pricing for our packages. Each of them comes with an extra benefit to meet all your requirements.

In fact, all our technical fixes come at an affordable price and thus will comfortably fall under your budget. So even if you are on a tight budget, there is nothing to be stressed out. Just choose the one that suits all your needs the most.

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Tuning your website is one of the most crucial things you must do within time. Otherwise, the more time you will to take action, the more you will lose your customers to your competitors. If you have any more queries regarding our website's tune-up service, don't hesitate to contact us for any information. Our expert team will be more than obliged to solve all your issues. We are always available 24/7, both online and offline. So you can connect with us anytime you need our help. For contacting us, you can call us at +1 (845) 579-5225 or email us at to experience the best possible service. We will try to give our feedback as quickly as possible.