WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Running and maintaining a website is indeed a tricky job. You need to keep a regular check on its maintenance to ensure that the website runs smoothly and effectively.

The outlook and performance of a site play a crucial role that impacts your customer’s mind. Such as, if they find it attractive and useful, they will obviously generate a positive image of that site.

Otherwise, if the website has poor functionalities, then it sure will be the reason for the doom of that company if they don’t fix it within time. In short, a website either takes a company to the peak of success or breaks it completely.

Hence, the smarter decision is to make the right call and react when it is still time to keep things under control. Remember, your website is your business face, and it’s critical to your companies success rate.

Luckily, WPfixon is here to the rescue. Whether it be plugin updates, emergency support, 24/7 uptime monitoring, speed optimization, On-site SEO optimization, mobile and tablet optimization, content edits, etc., they have the perfect solution to all your website issues.

They will take care of everything so that all the functionalities of your site work flawlessly. While at the meantime, you can focus on growing your business on a large scale.

For any type of query, you can call us at +1(845)579-5225 or even email us at info@wpfixon.com whenever you need our help. Our expert team will always be there to solve all your problems.

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Why Is WordPress Maintenance And Support Services Important For Your Website's Success?

No one likes a site that buffers a lot and does not function properly. In fact, many people think that slow sites are not reliable enough to use. So they tend to move to a new site when they find the running site is not working properly. Well, it is human nature, and you can just help it.

As a result, these problems will undoubtedly lower your site visitor rate, directly affecting your overall conversion rates and revenue level.

Hence, if you don’t want anything much to happen, then regular maintenance is the solution to all these problems.

Website maintenance and support services are those vital tasks that ensure a website runs and operates effectively. Besides, the benefits of performing regular maintenance include improving the overall security system and speed optimization.

WordPress Maintenance And Support Services

That’s why, if you want to make your website a successful one, there is no alternative to maintenance and support services. In fact, if you can handle these crucial things of your website, you will find your site increasing its visitor and sales rate in no time.

Remember, your website is the face of your business that vouch for you and shows clients to trust you. So, it definitely needs your focus and attention to expand. On the other hand, with a poor functionality website, you are less likely to create a good impact and position.

Therefore, it needs no further saying that WordPress maintenance and support services play a crucial role in your website’s success.

Why Should You Invest In Us?

Choosing a reliable WordPress maintenance service provider is a must if you want to make a strong stand. Otherwise, it is equal to make your worst nightmares come to life.

Needless to say, a companies success rate directly depends to a great extent on the quality and performance of your website.

WPfixon is now in the industry for quite a long time now. We are always on a mission to offer the best possible service to our clients that they truly deserve. All our packages are reasonable to make sure that it easily falls under every companies budget.

Why Should You Invest In Us

We have an experienced team who is fully committed and passionate about fixing any problems with your website. We even specialize in helping various web agencies and freelancers who maintain several websites for their customers.

All you have to do is let us know what you want us to do and to what extend. And as long as you have our back, we will have nothing to worry about your WordPress site as our expert team will take care of everything flawlessly.

What’s more interesting is that if you sign up with us, you will get access to numerous additional website management services lists, such as content editing, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and many more, based on your package.

As a result, a lot of your time will get saved up, which you can invest in other crucial parts of your business to make it even bigger.

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Features Lite($39/month) Medium($69/month) Heavy($99/month)
Plugin updates
Once per month
Twice Per Month
Quad Per Month
Theme updates
Once per month
Twice Per Month
Quad Per Month
Core files updates
Once per month
Twice Per Month
Quad Per Month
Emergency support
Ticket Support
Ticket & Email Support
Ticket, Email & Phone Support
24/7 uptime monitoring
Cloud backups
Once per month
Twice Per Month
Quad Per Month
Google Analytics integration
Google Webmaster integration
Image edits
1time per month
3 times per month
5 times per month
Content edits
1time per month
3 times per month
5 times per month
Security optimization
Minimal setup
Mid-level setup
Highly Optimized
Speed optimization
Mobile & tablet optimization
Medium Optimization
Fully Optimization
Complete malware removal
On-Page SEO Optimization
Upto 3 pages
Upto 6 pages
Dedicated Account Manager
WP Premium Hosting
Yes (2 GB)
1 Click Staging Website

FAQ: WordPress General Support

We know you have a lot of queries revolving in your mind regarding our WordPress support service. What do we do? How do we plan to work out? Is this the right one to go for? That's why, to help you around, we have decided to include a dedicated FAQ part for answering the most asked questions. Have a look at the below answers if you have any kind of confusion in your mind to clear up:

What Is WordPress Website Maintenance?

WordPress maintenance means various kinds of work that is done to monitor and keep a constant check on all the website’s functionalities along with improving the overall quality and performance of the site.

Every website needs attention and enhancement to cope with the trends. Depending on your requirement, you can do these tasks monthly, weekly, or even daily.

How Much Will This Services Cost Me?

We have different types of pricing for a varied number of service packages. Each of these packages comes with an additional feature and functionality to meet all your needs.

Don’t worry; all our website management pricing is affordable and will comfortably fall under your budget. Check out our WordPress website maintenance services packages to choose your desired one.

How Often Do We Provide Progress Reports?

Generally, we provide a report of our services at the month’s end. However, as every company is different, we even give weekly or daily reports, depending on the urgency.

It may also vary depending on the package you buy and the long-term or short-term service. If you still have any further queries to make, you can always contact our experts for an initial discussion.

Do We Offer Both Long-term And Short-term Services?

Yes, we offer both long-term and short-term services. And specialize in providing all kinds of WordPress general support services.

All kinds of services hold equal importance, and we work wholeheartedly for both these services. So, if you want to work with us, we will be more than happy to be a part of your company.

Why Should You Buy Any General Support Packages From WPfixon?

WPfixon is one of the leading website maintenance companies that have the best cost-effective packages for meeting the needs of every range of businesses. 

We take pride in all our works that much dedicated and hardworking we are. No matter how complex the job is, our expert team always has the solution to it. Our goal is to make sure your website runs fast, safe and secure.

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