Best WordPress Backup
& Restore Setup Service

Owning a platform or even having a presence online can be rewarding and exciting but at times quite overwhelming. When overwhelmed, a lot of people tend to get flustered and mess things up. For instance, a lot of WordPress users might forget to save backups. Thus, we offer a remarkable and reliable WordPress Backup & Restore Setup service to you.

Best WordPress Backup & Restore Setup Service
WordPress Backup & Restore Setup Service

We can safely presume you face some trouble regarding data and your WordPress website if you are here on our site. Did you lose your data and files and are not sure how to restore them from the backups? Or did you not save backups at all? Perhaps, your site went offline, all your data is corrupted, and you are unsure what to do now?

A lot can go wrong for WordPress website owners. It is not something you need to stress over. All you need is a backup and restore setup service from an expert, and you are good to go. We can offer a team of experts who have solutions to all your WordPress backup and restore problems.

Best WordPress Backup & Restore Service

Our WordPress Backup & Restore Setup Service Pledges

Backup & Restore Setup Service Pledges

Why is it Important to Backup Your WordPress Website?

The most straightforward and obvious answer is that backup is essential to have extra and secured copies of all your data and information. Keeping a backup is merely a precaution to ensure you do not permanently lose any important data via some unfortunate accident.

Now, you might be wondering why it is important to backup your WordPress website. This is because your WordPress website is always at risk of dealing with various kinds of threats, for instance, hackers, buggy codes, uncompressed images, infected files, and links. Therefore, your WordPress site must be protected and secure at all the time at all costs.

However, no matter what kind of security measures you take, an expert hacker can penetrate your site, or if your site goes offline, the data might become corrupted. There are various scenarios that could take place. Thus, it is crucial to keep and to have a backup of all your data.

We always inform our clients that it will be convenient in various circumstances when you have a backup, such as human error, security breaches, WordPress migration, or faulty updates. If you backup everything, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands no matter what happens.

WordPress Backup & Restore Setup Service

Features Lite($29.99) Medium($49.99) Heavy($69.99)
Premium Backup Plugin Install and Setup
Remote Backup Storage Setup
Database Optimization & Cleanup
Scheduled & Automated Backups
Complete WordPress Core Update
Complete WordPress Plugins Update
Complete WordPress Themes Update
Detailed Service Report
Turnaround Time
3 Days
4 Days
4 Days

Why Should You Choose Our WordPress Backup and Restore Service?

We have a team of highly experienced experts who can work with any situation or difficulties regarding WordPress backup and restore setup service. All our past clients were extremely satisfied with their investment in our service, and we are confident you will be too.

Choose Our WordPress Backup and Restore Service

When we work with a client, we ensure we explain to them where things went wrong with their site. Besides restoring and backing up the data and files, we also offer advices and suggestions to our clients on how to handle their WordPress website’s data better from then onward. Hence, our clients feel reassured and confident of not going through misplaced data ordeal or restore hassle again. They will be prepared on how to handle such matters in the long run.

Furthermore, we will use and set manual backups, automated backups, plugins, and other latest and most effective WordPress backup and restore setup methods. Therefore, we intend to provide A-grade service to our clients to be happy with the investments. We do not leave anything unchecked or to chance and make certain every setup required is appropriately installed.

Why Should You Choose Our WordPress Backup and Restore


Best WordPress Backup & Restore Setup Service in 2021

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients regarding our WordPress backup & restore setup service. We hope these will answer any additional inquiries you might have.

We will start on your site within 24 hours of the placement of the order. You will need to pay first and submit the required details. We will then immediately start on your site, and your backup and restore system will be ready in no time.

We believe the best practice is to backup your WordPress site at least once a day. Thus, we set up automated four times a day backup schedule for all our clients. This way, you will be sure that no data will go without being backed up.

Depending upon the size of data and files lost on your website, the restore could take – on average – anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes.

Yes, it is possible to restore your website without a previous backup. Our team of experts is experienced in such cases and knows the proper procedure that must be followed to restore your website.

We always advise our clients to keep three backups minimum. These backups should be in three different formats and in three different locations. This way, if one backup fails or does not work for whatever reason, you will always have two other to fall back into.

You can find WordPress backup and restore services at various price ranges in the market. However, we designed budget-friendly packages that our clients will benefit from the most.

Unfortunately, a deleted website cannot be recovered. If you have manual backup or backups in any location, the data can be restored, but the website in itself cannot be restored. You will, instead, have to make a new website with a new name.

Yes, you can actually restore a previous version of your WordPress website. We can quickly help you with this ordeal; all you need to do is contact us and place an order.

Yes, it is wise to have backups even when you have taken proper security measures. This is because, in this age of technological advancement, some hackers are too good in their work field and can breach the best of security enhancements. Thus, it would be best to keep backups in order to have the upper hand and control over your data and files.


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